Meet Our Receptionists and Purchasing Agent!

At North Cascade Veterinary Hospital, we believe that each member is important and working together as a team is key to providing professional and loving pet care!  Our receptionists strive to welcome you like family and ensure your comfort each time you visit.

Head Receptionist, Accounts Supervisor

Mary started as a receptionist at North Cascade Veterinary Hospital in 2007. In less than one year, she was promoted to head receptionist (supervisor) and has maintained that post ever since.

Her previous employment was in retail management and needless to say, moving from the retail world to the veterinary world is the best idea she’s ever had! She was raised in Upstate New York, lived in Florida for several years and another few years in Virginia. She and her husband, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, moved here in 1994 and she has loved it ever since!

They live in Mount Vernon together with their 2 cats and 2 adorable Dachshunds. They recently became owners of an RV and are very much enjoying taking trips together.

Bitter-sweetly...Mary is working on her last year of employment! She is getting ready to retire in June 2018! We will miss her dearly, but wish her all the best for the coming years!


Mandy joined us here in August of 2015. As one of our most kind, caring and attentive staff members, her presence was not only relevant but quickly became essential.  

As Mary counts down the days to her retirement, Mandy has taken on the heavy burden of carrying the torch. She will assume Mary's responsibilities as Head Receptionist and Accounts Supervisor; both she and Mary working on training over the last few months. 

It's hard to fill the shoes of someone like our Mary, but if anyone can - it's Mandy!

Mandy lives with her husband of 23 years. She has 3 beautiful daughters - 2 already out of the house and 1 graduating high school in 2018. She is also the fur mommy to 2 cats and 2 dogs. She was also recently surprised with the news of her first grand baby due some time in early 2018! Congratulations!


Tammy became part of the NCVH family in May 2017. She very quickly grasped the many responsibilities that make up a 'day-in-the-life' of a receptionist; which is not as easy as many people might think. Tammy has shown her passion for and loyalty to North Cascade in many ways such as assisting in decorating for the holidays, taking the initiative to complete tasks for other staff when she has spare time, and utilizing her talents and experience as our newest 'tech-savvy' staff member (thank goodness)! In just a matter of few short months; she has already become a required and desired person here at NCVH.

Tammy attended college out of state and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and an Associate's Degree in Marketing. She is a mother of one daughter and one son and has two granddaughters. 

In her free time, Tammy enjoys spending time with family, watching football, traveling, and cuddling up with her yellow lab named Marley. 

Purchasing Agent

Steph joined the team at North Cascade Veterinary Hospital in April 2005, beginning as a kennel assistant. In 2007, she acquired the purchasing position and has held that post ever since. She maintains and manages ordering, inventory, marketing and advertising as well as being a direct liaison between the doctors and our partnered supply companies. 

She also fulfills responsibilities to product research, program coordination and staff education and resources. Over the last 12 + years, she has been cross-trained and educated to perform duties as kennel staff, receptionist and some veterinary assisting.

Facility Maintenance

Eli and Steph have been together since March of 2014. He was swiftly made part of the NCVH family and began volunteering with small projects at the practice. Everything from repairing kennels to installing a new dishwasher, Eli was great in coming up with new ideas for saving money while assisting in the upkeep of the facility maintenance.

With his experience and talents gained from his full-time work in home building, that's exactly what he became. Dr. Squibb put him on payroll and hired him as Facility Maintenance. He's come through for NCVH on many occasions, both after hours on the on the weekends, "saving our bacon" when we really needed him! 

Before meeting Steph, Eli was a single father to a beautiful boy for over 4 years. He is one of 4 brothers, and has a background in pin-hole photography and chemistry; a Jack of all trades. 

Eli proposed to Steph only 6 months into their relationship (of course, she accepted!) and they finally tied the knot on June 17th 2017. They are in the process of purchasing their first house together with their son and 3 cats (for now)!
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