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Fleas are a nasty pest that, if not prevented properly, can be really tough to get rid of. 

At North Cascade Veterinary Hospital we know that fleas are in the environment so regardless of the season, we recommend year-round flea control.

We offer a variety of flea control products to help fit the needs of all pets, their families and their lifestyles. 

Flea Facts to consider for the health of your pets...

  • If your pet has fleas so does your home. Fleas don't live on your pets. They live in the environment and jump onto your pets to feed.
  • When your pets have fleas, each time they move around your home (jump, lay down, walk, etc.) they are shedding fleas and flea eggs onto your floors and furniture. The only way to completely rid your home of this pest is to treat your pets and your home.
  • Fleas multiply faster than you think. If your home has just 60 live fleas and your pets are not on flea control, in a month those 60 fleas can lay up to 48,000 eggs.
  • Fleas are threats to your pets. In addition to the misery that comes along with itching and scratching, biting, chewing and restlessness, your pets may be at risk for more...
  • Anemia: Each flea consumes 15 times their body weight daily. This can pose a threat of anemia to your pets if the infestation has become out of control
  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis: This is the most common side effect of a flea infestation. This can include excessive scratching, scabbing and hair loss
  • Tapeworm Infection: Tapeworm larvae are inside the stomach of a flea. When your pet is chewing at its skin and ingests even one flea, those larvae have a chance to grow inside your pet's digestive tract and that's why you eventually see the small rice-like worms exit during your pet's bowel movements
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